How should I come in before my appointment?

Come with curls fully dry and detangled with product like a gel in it. Please DO NOT to pull the hair back in a ponytail or clips, no twist outs, no braids so the curls are not stretched out and I can see them in their natural state and cut properly.

I have a $25/half hour fee if detangling takes longer than half an hour.

Do you do the DevaCut?

I have done the training that teaches the Devacut technique. It is just a technique in how to approach cutting curly hair. I give all my clients custom cut according to what they desire on dry hair.

Do you only do curly hair?

Yes, anyone that wears their natural hair; Slightly wavy, Wavy, Curly, Super Curly, Kinky…Whatever you consider your curls to be. :)

Can I book as a returning client if I had a deva cut somewhere else?

All clients new to me must request the new client curly cut. I’m not affiliated with any other stylist that have done the deva curl training. If you do not want to get a cut but want to become an established client then you can do the curl styling/lesson service.